From Devon With Love


“She, the murderess, the destroyer, is half a child of air and half the powerful ruler of the streams”

SourDough Theatre present Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ice Maiden, the dark tale of a young man called Rudy, whose life is beset by an evil being – the queen of the glaciers, a force of icy rage from the natural world, the titular Ice Maiden. After escaping her when he was young he must now do everything in his power to resist the lure of the Ice Maiden and escape her frosty grasps.

Working from Andersen’s original text, SourDough have devised their own version, merging the old story with their new interpretation. Here they unveil the first act of their latest production as part of a work-in-progress piece, a morbid fairy-tale, exploring a world that is both beautiful and grotesque. The story is illustrated with many of the company’s favourite devices; shadows, projection and live music. As the first performance of this new project SourDough are experimenting with bringing together a range of visual and technical elements, to create a distinctive storytelling experience.

SourDough Theatre will perform their piece at The Bike Shed Theatre as part of From Devon With Love, a 2 week festival of new local theatre.

Monday 14th January
Single show from £5, two shows from £7.


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