SourDough Theatre is a company that works collectively to devise performance with storytelling at its heart.

We graduated from University of Exeter Drama Department in 2010 and have settled in Exeter to make collaborative work as an ensemble.

As a group our pieces have been quite diverse but there has always been a distinct, linking style which places emphasis on a highly sensory experience. Our performances are highly visual and carry a very visceral, almost textured quality to them – ‘theatre you can reach out and touch’.

Often this may involve what we like to call ‘old media’, such as shadow puppets, material and torch light; but we also enjoy new ways to bring visual and audio experiences to our audiences. Whatever methods we use we always try and ground them into being devices or languages by which we tell our story.


During our first year we focused on making a diverse spectrum of work, only to later turn to concentrating particularly on a singular piece, The Watcher and the Watched, giving it room to grow and develop through in a sustained process. Eventually we found it was being limited by the absence of a perfect space, and we are now experimenting and playing with a variety of smaller pieces.


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