The Company

Charlotte Anderson: Charlotte has always done a lot of dance and movement work through the years and will often approach performances from this grounding, while at the same time helping to give the whole company’s work more interesting motion. She is highly interested in site responsive material and is currently working with Laura Dignon on an audio walk to be part of the 70th anniversary of the Exeter Blitz.

Tom Angell: Tom has been a versatile performer, researcher, or as a script writer in some of our more text-based pieces. He has a vast expanse of experience on stage from his time at university, and can always be relied upon to find a unique character trait to make his roles stand out in any performance. Always committed and enthusiastic, Tom is a valuable member of the company and has been lead designer for the SourDough website.

Laura Dignon: Despite a long-held and very strong interest in theatre, Laura has never really been classified as more of an actor or a facilitator though readily does both roles. She is a major creator of ideas, with a particular passion for work responding to non-theatrical space; and has an eye for visually intriguing work. She also has experience in dance and helps add more dynamic movement to our performances.

Bec Fraser: Quite an academic Bec carried on at university after graduation for a year, doing an MA in Drama Research, examining the role of women in Shakespeare, while also working in SourDough. Her Shakespeare expertise certainly came in use during the Bloodline with her vast knowledge of his works. She is an enthusiastic actor, interested in a wide variety of roles (though often with a classical flair) and often bases her work quite firmly upon character. She hashowever also take an outside eye role at times, stepping back from a project to help provide fresher feedback.

Theo Fraser: A very keen actor, Theo considered doing a drama school classical acting course upon leaving university, but instead decided to join SourDough and work collectively. He performed in a wide variety of projects during university and has certainly carried on as a very strong performer. Also quite technically interested he is our main multimedia creator and video/sound editor


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