Just a quick post to say we are doing our second performance of The Ice Maiden today on the last day of the Exeter Ignite Festival.

We perform at 12:20 at the Bike Shed Theatre so come along and enjoy a tale from the ice maiden’s frozen kingdom…The Ice Maiden



The Ice Maiden at Ignite!

The performances are finally here!The Ice Maiden

Having been reworking the show since January we have finished the full version, and are performing at the Exeter Ignite Festival tomorrow and Saturday.

We are in the Bike Shed Theatre on tomorrow, Friday 7th at 2:40 and on Saturday at 12:20.

Tickets are £6 with discounts if you buy for one than one show. There’s a lot of good work in the festival and it is all worth seeing, and if you want to cool down tomorrow then come to the Bike Shed for a tale of the frozen kingdoms of the Ice Maiden….

The Ice Maiden

The Ice Maiden