Changes and a new piece

It’s been a while since the last update and suffice to say there has been quite a lot of changes!

Callum, Michael and Joe have gone on to work on their new company Worklight Theatre, while the rest of us have become even closer and with, if it is even possible, more incomprehensible in jokes than ever before.

People have moved houses (having now firmly reached the ‘apartment’ stage of our lives), got new jobs and in some cases actually got engaged!

Having had an extremely hectic first year doing as many different projects as possible, with as many rehearsals-as-possible every week we have now decided to take a rather different approach this year. We are focusing on a single piece and giving it time to grow and develop, as we play around with lots of different ideas, gradually narrowing them down till we really find a great central focus.

The performance has the working title of The Watcher and the Watched and more details can be found on the performances page of our site


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