End of Summer Festivals

Phew! An exhausting few weeks have just ended in Devon. What with the Barnstaple FringeFest and the Exeter Fringe going on it has all been go, go, go down here.

We have ended our first year by creating two shows. Hometowns, which was shown at both festivals and Four Man, which we took to the Exeter Fringe.

Exeter Fringe

Fringe TheatreFest

Both festivals were utter successes, we all saw lots of other people’s work and it was an excellent opportunity to be able to see lots of new and exciting shows and performances. It was inspiring to see so much good stuff and it gives us that infective itch to start producing more. The buzz in the air was palpable in Barnstaple as soon as you were within five minutes of the venues, seeing people scurrying about between shows and discussing upcoming, and recently seen, work. In Exeter I was gobsmacked by the sheer number of audience members –spread out over six venues- that the festival managed to attract and, more importantly, maintain. It shows that those involved were doing things right if people kept coming back and back for more. So a big thank you and well done to all those involved in organising and running the two festivals, a lot of people owe you a lot of thanks!

Four Man

As far as SourDough goes, it has been an awesome year for us all, working on a huge swathe of projects whilst trying to pin down precisely what it is we are all about as a company. We’re definitely heading toward finding that out and after every project we have a chat about the process and performance and each time we’re that little bit happier about it all and that is obviously the direction we want to be carrying on with.

Next up for us is a couple of weeks to think about what we want to do next as a company and then we will be back on the research run to start generating some material for a show which we hope will be ready for showcasing in autumn. There are a few ideas already for what this will be coming out of the SourDough Bakery and I, for one, am very excited to see what the rest of the guys come up with.


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